Finance for Non-Financial Managers


Training starts 6th – 8th of February, 2024.

Numbers may speak volumes, but do you understand their language? As a non-financial manager, financial lingo can seem like a foreign tongue, limiting your influence and decision-making.

But what if you could unlock the secrets of the balance sheet and speak confidently about profit margins? Our “Finance for Non-Financial Managers” program equips you with the essential tools to:

  • Demystify financial statements: Understand key terms like P&L, cash flow, and ROI, and analyze their impact on your department and organization.
  • Make informed decisions: Base resource allocation, budgeting, and project evaluation on accurate financial data, not just gut feeling.
  • Communicate effectively: Speak the language of finance with colleagues, investors, and senior management, building trust and collaboration.

No more feeling lost in the numbers game. Our program empowers you to:

  • Boost your career prospects: Become a more valuable asset by understanding the financial impact of your decisions.
  • Gain confidence and control: Make data-driven decisions and lead with greater autonomy.
  • Contribute to organizational success: Align your department’s goals with the overall financial picture and drive profitable growth.

Don’t let financial illiteracy hold you back. Invest in your knowledge and unlock your full potential.

Enroll in “Finance for Non-Financial Managers” today and become a money-savvy leader.

Location: Lagos


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Finance for Non-Financial Managers
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