About us

Who We Are:

MarketForces Africa| is Research, Training & Media Company with wide network of
professionals partnering with clients towards the achievement of their respective
organisation goals.
What We do

Our Research Unit: support clients need for data, information and analytics towards
meeting business objectives.

Training Unit: We are learning provider of industry-leading training programmes for
the business industries, marketing and finance sector among others with special
interest in startups, small and medium scale enterprises.

Media Unit: The segment provides business and financial news that curbs
intellectual scarcity across Africa markets.

Our Approach
We take a leap ahead by providing services to the informal sector to help driving
inclusive growth across the Africa markets in partnership with non-profit

With our experience in corporate learning, and large numbers of experts who have excelled
in the various endeavours, we are position to deliver results in every
business relation.

Our People
Our team design and deliver training programmes that combine the right blend of
teaching methods and highly relevant learning experience.
MarketForces Africa is always ready to support corporate clients, ensuring that
highest standards of training continue to be delivered in the format that works for

To support Africa’s growth with timely information that strengthens the knowledge base.

We use our platforms to salvage intellectual scarcity by building capacity, financial
literacy to help individual and corporate growth, an inspiring economic agents with fresh