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Marketforces africa

MarketForces Africa’s training unit seeks to consistently upgrade delegates from public institutions and corporate employees’ skill sets to match the latest developments in specific functional units.
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Business training

Proactive client-focused training: Tailored solutions for future business challenges.

finance training

Future-proof your finance team: Upskill with cutting-edge updates and tools.

Risk management

Empowering risk & enterprise experts: Adapt to evolving challenges, thrive across workplaces.

audit training

Sharpen audit skills, safeguard finances: Empower managers with MarketForces Africa.

leadership training

From bosses to leaders: MarketForces Africa – Mastering the art of human management.


Navigating interconnected risks: MarketForces Africa – Practical training, industry experts.

what we do

We provide opportunities to advance

We bring together the best minds from around the world, sparking innovation and crafting tailored solutions. We empower your employees, across industries, with real-world expertise to navigate today’s challenges and propel their careers.


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Jan 29-31, 2024

fraud, people and web risks


FEB, 6-8, 2024

finance for non financial managers


feb 12-15, 2024

Contract Negotiation and Project Financing



Build tomorrow’s leaders with a potent blend of self-aware growth, tech fluency, and financial mastery. Navigate life’s complexities with confidence, innovation, and savvy – thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

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